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Workshop Reviews

Lisette has had the immense pleasure of working with many recorder enthusiasts from around the country. Read what they have to say about Lisette and her workshops and classes:

General Testimonials

"Lisette is an amazing teacher; I have taken 2 of her classes now and her ability to teach students at different levels together is a gift. She is always patient, encouraging, and positive--not critical or threatening, which is so important for learning something new at all ages."

"The master class really is amazing. Lisette works well with highly advanced participants as well as beginners. She is so creative. It’s like her head is a bubble machine with her thoughts and ideas being the bubbles floating out! Fantastic!"

"What I love is that Lisette has a standard and she doesn’t waver. She suggests ways for less adept (experienced) players to adapt, but she maintains her great high standards."

"Lisette, you’re really one of the best teachers/conductors that I’ve experienced."
- Marian McGarry, WI

"It must be very challenging for an instructor to teach a group lesson with students of varying background and abilities – Lisette met the challenge so that we were all able to learn and develop individually. She was always positive and encouraging so that class was fun and "non-threatening." She is an excellent teacher – not only very knowledgeable, but also able to present material very clearly and in a well-organized manner."

"You have a very down-to-earth, encouraging, and non-threatening personality as well as a seemingly boundless well of energy & enthusiasm, which gave the class a thoroughly good atmosphere."

"Lisette—You have a perfect combination of serious professionalism & wonderful good humor."

from Whitewater Early Music Festival (1999-Present)

"Your positive, upbeat, personal approach, care & concern for others, and emphasis on learning and having fun. Your depth of knowledge and skill—musically, technically, of the repertoire, of the recorder, of conducting & directing—awesome! Your ability to prepare a concert-ready piece with a varied and unfamiliar group in record time! Lisette – This has been one of the best and fun workshop classes I’ve ever attended. I was deeply impressed with your knowledge and skill! I can’t get enough of what you’re offering. BRAVO Lisette!!" - P. Scott Hewitt

from Recorder Orchestra
"Lisette, your instructions are clear, complete and easy to follow. I love your positive attitude and ‘bubbly’ personality." - Aggie Sharer, WI

"The practice session in preparation for performance shifted us as a group from a tattered collectivity to an incredibly ‘in sync’ ensemble. And guess who was responsible? You, Lisette. What you bring to the teaching process is the concept that EVERY note should be thoughtful. I say this at every opportunity, so I say it again here: what ever we have to do to keep you in our musical lives, we should do!" - Marian McGarry, WI

from Exercises for Improving Technique
"Love your classes!"

"Patience, encouragement rather than scolding. Wonderful technical help. I’m looking forward to practicing. I never hit those high notes before."

from Triple Choir (w/ loud band)
"General knowledge of instructor. Clarity of expressing ideas, expectations. Upbeat, fun, energetic. Teacher very prepared. Knows how to accomplish objectives. Playing with & hearing 3 choirs! Marvelous sound. Instructor’s personality & teaching. Openness to questions."

from A Study in Tone-Part II
"Thank you for your encouragement and for what you do for recorder players." - Ed Grys

"It was good to approach pitch and tone so directly so we could play alto and especially soprano in a large group without having to be afraid of the resulting sound."

"You really made us think about articulation and phrasing. Also, I liked that you used easy pieces because that allowed us to focus on tone , phrasing & articulation, not learning the notes."

"The teacher’s manner of working with the group—encouraging, insightful—being in this class was like a refreshing oasis. Nice balance of sitting/standing, individual vs. group. The breathing was extremely helpful."

"I liked the pace of this class and your calm, encouraging teaching style! Thanks, Lisette!" - Denise Wiggins, WI

"The focus of this class was just what I needed—breathing, tone, listening, etc. Thank you."

"Very detailed—careful listening. I definitely felt an improvement on my tone."

"Excellent class, totally centered teacher. Wish I could take private lessons."
- Barry Jones

"Very comprehensive workshop on tone." - Evelyn Kramer, IN

"Cheerful, encouraging, answered all questions!"

from Portique's Midwest Recorder Workshops (2007-Present)

from Crossing Party Lines
"After 30+ years I’ve finally learned more about French style! (In one day!)"
- Nancy Chabala, IL

"Your descriptions with words & example playing or singing were so easy to understand—and remember! Also, you were so positive about our efforts even with us missing the mark—you complimented & then went on to help us get things right before going on. You are a very clear teacher. It was an honor to be there. Thank you."
- Toni Putnam, IL

"Your selection of a clear theme and choice of music to illustrate various aspects of that theme is outstanding." - Obie Oberst, WI

"On a scale of 1-5, I would give you a '10'". - Marian McGarry, WI

"Kudos for being so organized!" - Diane Kuntzelman, WI

"Thanks for an excellent workshop!" - Mark Dawson, IL

"Knowledge of repertoire remarkable. I can't see how it could be better!"
- Carol Stanger, IL

from Tone, Technique & Telemann
"Lisette is the best thing about the workshop!" - Carolyn Sweers, WI

from Various Past Workshops

"The instructor’s great enthusiasm! She obviously loves teaching this course and takes it very seriously, providing great encouragement for the students. I also liked the music selections and simply being part of an ensemble. And the instructor was excellent, as I’ve said!"

"Enthusiasm of presenter. Gave us challenging music, but was very tolerant of lesser skilled players. Helped bring us up toward the level she wanted rather than lowering standards. A great workshop." - André Rollefson, AR

from What Goes Around Comes Around
"Lisette was highly successful at getting superb results from our ensemble. She is engaging and has a personality that elicits a positive response from participants. Great joy—you’re a joy!"

"I was very pleased with this course. I especially liked that we didn’t just practice/play, but were given very practical and interesting instruction techniques for practicing, style, expression, etc."

from A Search for Identity: The Tradition of Pre-19th Century Music in Germany
"Lisette is a fantastic conductor! She keeps the group together and moving along. She helps us play very challenging music successfully." - Ginny Dodson, WI

"I felt that the level of music/performance expectations were just about perfectly matched to our group! Lisette, this was delightful, expertly managed with part assignments, seating, technical corrections so lightly handled that it didn’t feel like direction at all." - David Grindrod, WI

from A Musical Feast
"The variety of musical styles & Lisette’s conducting skill, which helped us bring life to each selection." - JM, MO

"Terrific selection of music and rotation of parts. Everyone had opportunity to play challenging and fun music on different instruments. Very knowledgeable and helpful instruction. A wonderful learning experience." - Edward Green, IL